Clinton Forry saw this one thing on the internets.
And then a Mississippi Fred McDowell album. It sounds like forever. #vinyl
David Crosby solo album action. Features Jerry Garcia on PEDAL STEEL GUITAR FOLKS. #vinyl
Coping with another 8” snowstorm by vicariously inhabiting the warm, sunny worlds in songs by The Beach Boys
That half of a six-pack of full Hamm’s tall boys is still on the I-394 curb, FYI
I’ve reached some new, weird sartorial plane with this, THE NUMBER SHIRT
This is the most psychedelic opera I’ve ever seen. #magicflute @mnopera
Vehicular mural on 8th street
Press for Times / Pressed for time
So excited that the envelope of cash I sent to Portland turned into an 8LP 200g reissue of the Anthology of American Folk Music. SOOOO GOOD. #vinyl