Clinton Forry saw this one thing on the internets.
Toads and frogs, living together… (In the egress window of my new house)
Mid-80s Chrysler LeBaron / TASTE
I had a great-grandfather named Arch
Just look at this frog
My wife and I were eating French fries at 10pm on a Saturday night. It was an outside table at a little iced cream & fries shop in our neighborhood. A wee clink sound, like that of two tiny champagne glasses at a toast, got my attention. What could it be? I looked at the watch on my wrist to discover a crescent-shaped crack in its crystal. It kept advancing for about an hour after, until it finished with this elaborate conchoidal fracture, ready to lacerate any finger that nears it. I’m in the market for a new watch, is what I’m saying.
I played all 38 minutes of this on my radio show, back in college. #vinyl
Polished-door self-portrait
This is what my moment of solace looks like today. I stood on the sidewalk next to these two diesel-powered air compressors, enjoying the feeling and deep sounds of the two engines running. Sometimes synchronized in sound, other times, off just enough to sound like a Steve Reich composition. I stood there for a moment yesterday, too. I hope they are there next week. Find solace where you can.
this guy
The last thing you want to read on a metal plate covering a hole in the concrete: “DO NOT USE.”