Clinton Forry saw this one thing on the internets.
Sartorial detail: tiny-headphone-print shirt edition. TINY HEADPHONES GUYS
I see more old Cadillacs than any other car. Elderly gents driving them. Young surviving relatives, their Cadillacs bequeathed to them. They always seem to lose their luster of luxury after a few years, literally and figuratively, resigned to a life of dependable rides from points A to points B.
guess where I am
This is a slide on a playground. Or a wormhole to another dimension.  It’s unclear.
Recycle / Trash / Whatever, throw it in a ditch
Meet me at the corner of Cute and Fuzzy
Psychedelic opera covers. #vinyl
Last Time Around. Gospel jams on Mississippi Records. SOLID. #vinyl
Meet the new family members, Simon Sparkle and Alfie Jazz
A light at the end of the tunnel. And a chair, because you’ll need the rest.